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Finding solutions to ecological site constraints is about using our ecological knowledge to innovate. With experience of hundreds of licenced ecological schemes, in all sectors of the industry, no other contractor can do more to move your project forward.

Our people understand protected species legislation, and know of the financial and timing impacts they can have on your project. Ecological works are characteristically last minute and notoriously difficult to programme – we know our teams need to be deployed quickly and deliver market leading out puts from day one. Did you know that in 2013 Three Shires installed in excess of 180,000 metres of ecological fencing and in 90% of cases we mobilised to site within 4 working days from order.

As the ecologists we work with every day will testify, working with ecologically aware contractors is key. Our relationship with ecologists across the country is extremely important to us, our experience gives them the confidence they need that works are being delivered in accordance with the legislation - this speeds delivery and reduces cost.

If you are planning a scheme which may be affected by a protected species we can help. We commonly work with clients at an early stage and this is often where we can add the most value; we can assist with specifications to ensure that they are practical, provide accurate cost models for budgeting and work up programmes for critical path planning on a project – in short we can give customers an early indication of the financial or timing impact of ecology and act early to reduce their risk.

Three Shires portfolio encompass a huge variety of ecology, environmental and traditional conservation and countryside management services; from habitat creation and translocation through to climbing bat inspections and erosion control.

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